Artist Bio

If you couldn’t tell, I haven’t always been an artist.

I grew up in a smallish town in Northern Virginia surrounded by woods and cow pastures. I didn’t have much exposure to art and my drawings were limited to cartoon do-do birds and the occasional parrot. I was way more into writing poetry and when I was 15, playing the guitar. I was creative, but visual arts eluded me.

When digital cameras first made their way into the world I was intrigued. I won a cheap one off of some internet contest and enjoyed taking crappy photos and doctoring them with the included software. I was hooked. Eventually I was able to afford a better camera and pirate some better software and my photo work took off from there.

Somewhere in my twenties I decided that I would like to take up painting. I had never been one to draw, but I had been hooked on painting since seeing Van Gogh in DC as a teen. I was too cheap (poor?) to buy a set of paints and had to wait for the Christmas just before my 29th birthday to get a set of cheap acrylics.

I never found such a joy as I did smearing paint across paper.

My first painting.

My skill level gradually improved and eventually I took up drawing as well. In 2016 I started attending a life drawing class run by the Art Center Cooperative in Jacksonville, FL. I find the human form particularly fun and challenging to capture.

Some of my favorite artists are Matisse (and all of the Fauvists), Degas, Van Gogh, Volloton, Kirchner, and many more than I can remember off the top of my head.

While my first “love” is digital photographic art I want to better myself as a painter and an artist in general. I have taken up oils and oil pastels recently and I hope to continue this journey and immerse myself in the Jacksonville art community.

I started Drip Torch Studio a little over a year ago to showcase my work and maybe get some feedback on my style and techniques. And maybe even make a little money off of my art.

Enjoy the site, and feel free to comment and critique!

If you like any of my works and want to buy an original or a print, hop on over to my ArtPal Page or contact me and I can hook you up!

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